Hens and stag parties


Are you looking for a fun one-of-kind experience to say goodbye to the single life? Let’s get the party started together with the Silent Disco Citywalk adventure for the group from 5-30 people. It transforms the city into the dance floor, your friends into performers and proven to be the best unusual stag or hens party idea available in Auckland!

Morning raves, daytime or evening options are. available. Choose from one of our walking routes or ask our team to create a new route that features special urban places (where the couple met or went on a date), audio programme that features their favourite music or love song. Let us told the love story in a comical, beautiful, musical and engaging way.

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or get in touch info@silentdisco-citywalk.com.


It is a a 60-minutes or 90-minutes energising and interactive city tour around Auckland where everyone in a group connected through the headphones and pre-recorded audio programme narrated by one of the characters. We can also create an  indoor experience depending on your preference or theme of your stag or hens party.


Each route has a theme. The theme reflects in the songs, musical background we choose and the voice commentary we record for this or that programme. For example, the Glow in the Dark edition is guided by Darth Vader and the music theme is inspired by the Maramataka calendar. Our Kroad route represents the conversation between right and left brain. And what theme will suit the best the flavour of your stag or hens party? Tell us, we are ready to be surprised

We’ll sort your friends group out with wireless headphones, do a quick group warm up and get ready to enjoy one of a kind experience.






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