Silent Disco Citywalk is a 60-90-min fun team-building or de-stressing activity like no other. Available for small groups (up to 5-8 people) to large corporate gangs (up 60 people).


Morning raves, daytime or evening options are available. Choose from one of our walking routes or ask our team to create a new programme with a  route that goes through your office space, an audio programme that features staff favourite music and your business story told in a new engaging way. 

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Team Building Ideas Silent Disco

WHY IS IT A great team-building activity?

It helps with stress management and mental fitness.
As we spend the whole hour  away from the desk or the familiar working environment, we hit the “restart” button in our brain  which in the long-term positively affects the productivity levels. As a group we get outdoors, breathe the fresh air, wander around the city, explore new places and move our bodies to a pre-recorded music soundtrack. Trust us, Silent Disco Citywalk is a beautiful thing!

Learn and accept each other as real people.
Music is the universal language that help us to bond with each other like nothing else. It’s so vital for employees to have a space (outside of work) where they can be seen in a different light. Silent Disco Citywalk provides this space and supportive environmental to let go and experience the physical and emotional freedom.

A safe playground for personal development and self-expression
Silent Disco Citywalk transforms the city into the dance floor and its participants into the street performers. You will discover new parts of yourself that are ready to be fully expressed with zero judgement from your peers. Dance like no one is watching. Deepen your self-awareness, practice self-acceptance, grow empathy and show support towards each other. Break free and enjoy each other company in public spaces and see how the world is going to respond.

Create new memories  and make it a meaningful experience for your team by asking us to personalise the audio playlist (so we will add your team’s favourites songs), or adapting the route of the adventure.







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