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Silent Disco Citywalk is an award-winning 60 to 90-min immersive, site-specific, energising and curated audio adventure for a group
of 8-50 people from
5 to 80 years old, available in Tamaki makarau.

we like to walk on sunshine and organise events for the general public. We also offer packages to create personalised meaningful events for diverse clients and groups. 

We are keen to bring joy of the silent disco citywalk across New Zealand. If you are interested in franchising the Silent Disco Citywalk or want to discuss a partnership or sponsorship opportunity, make sure to get in touch with us - 


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Silent Disco Citywalk was created by Yana Kirakovskaya from 
Papaya Stories in April 2018.  

coming from overseas, auckland has become Yana's home and canvas for future projects. being an avid walker, she explored an urban landscape and looked at public placed with foreign eyes.

she was particularly 
interested in 
how a curated soundtrack could change the way we connect to the city, each other and ourselves. 

she decided to create an immersive audio walking experience that will help others to fall in love with the city and themselves.

Since 2018, the team organised over
100 eventsactivated 15 neighbourhoods in Tamaki Makaurau, came up with
25 unique walking journeys
and made over 1,500 people happy.


Our Clients

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