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creator, team lead

Experience creator, energiser, music & dog lover.

Yana is passionate about exploring how music and immersive storytelling can change our perception and bring people closer. If Yana's isn't dancing on the streets, she is on the lookout for hidden gems or in vinyl record store.

events host, dance guide

Event host, make up artist and surfer. 

Anya enjoys the Silent Disco Citywalk as it combines all her fav things: dancing, adventure spirit and a sense of community. If Anya is not dancing on the street, she is catching waves on the West Coast.

 team lead, dance guide

Dance teacher, TikTok star with a geeky background.

Alina worked in a number of fields: from TV host  to an IT company. But eventually passion for dance took her over. If Alina isn't dancing on the street, she reads books about Emotional or Artificial Intelligence.

events host, dance guide

Event host, content maker and free spirit.

Alina had been traveling from East to West, living in South Korea for a few years until Aotearoa had stolen her heart. She seeks beauty everywhere she goes. If Alya isn't dancing on the stree, she is dancing in her own.

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