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"The world is filled with cheap cynicism – but it is a poor substitute for genuine emotional expression.What Silent Disco CityWalk provides is a space for release, and an opportunity to reflect and simply enjoy the pleasure of being present in the moment. Sublime." –

Tim George, TheatreScenes

"The event itself was amazing – great music and it’s totally up to you as to how much you wish to dance (or simply walk!). There is a great focus on wellbeing and I couldn’t help but smile at the end. There is power in movement and being in the moment." – Andrew Tui

"It mattered not how you moved to the sounds in your headsets you just felt the elation and freedom and don’t even notice if anyone is watching or judging. I saw so much more of this busy chaotic city than I ever have before too. Nicely run event, gorgeous choice of sounds and i can’t wait to join the next one this month!" – Heathermeg Sampson

"It was a very positive experience – we loved your energy and enthusiasm and enjoyed seeing some areas of Auckland we hadn’t been to before. Favourite parts were reactions from onlookers and just walking with no agenda. Overall, 10 out of 10. We weren’t sure what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it." – Leanne Barnett

"I like the energy and enthusiasm throughout the city walk. I liked Mayers park where we all acted like children. I feel good to be a child again where you aren’t concerned about who you are and what others think of you. Rather you are in the moment and this is the best part of your event."  Arti Patel

"Loved every part - the music choice right amount of talking with the balance of music. Was just too short that's my only complaint!" - Milica Milenkovic

"My husband Andrew and I enjoyed the whole thing, but probably my favourite parts were when we would stop somewhere for a few minutes and boogie!  Also the song choices were fantastic and it was very helpful and encouraging to watch your team be so expressive from the get go! We told heaps of our friends about it and described it as uplifting, fun and a great way to spend 60 minutes." - Laura and Andrew Stitt

"I was also very anxious and uncomfortable at the beginning, as I'd never done anything like this before. This disappeared once I was in a space with no cars or streets.  You are the life and soul of the party, you have an energy that drives the rest of us."  - Andrew Woods

“We’re really pleased to support an event that encourages the community to explore Panmure’s town centre in such a unique and exciting way.” - Jessica Laing, Project Director – Unlock Panmure at Panuku Development Auckland.

"I had the best time. It was really cleverly planned out and so much positive energy. Thank you so much! I had never done it before, but after this disco walk I will definitely be doing it again. Keep up the good work, you're an amazing team. We need more people like you in the world!" -  Olivia Collinswood

"It was clear you spent a lot of effort organising the citywalk, and it really paid off. The surprise guitar performance and rooftop view were my highlight. And it was a good workout too! The team did a great job at keeping us peppy and making sure we crossed the roads safely. It was awesome! I will definitely be back for more :)" - Sophia Rodrigues

"I was kind of expecting a guided tour through Henderson but this was much nicer. We did get a bit of information, but the focus was on having fun. I loved how all of you supported us stepping out of our comfort zone, afterwards it felt like we all knew each other without ever having exchanged a word!

I have seen my husband so relaxed for a long time. This drew him out of his shell and it was a lovely bonding experience for us." - Caroline Panesar

"The sense of Unity was amazing and it feels like we always walk away like family rather than strangers.  I have to admit that the best part of it was actually learning NEW areas and facts about the region, as someone who has not lived out west for long it was a fun and exciting way to explore my new community.  If anyone is hesitant to give Silent Disco's a go I would highly recommend it, and don't hesitate just jump right in." - Destinee Robinson 

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