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What is the Silent Disco Citywalk? Why is it awesome?

Silent Disco Citywalk is an energetic outdoor interactive and fun 60 or 90-min adventure that gives a new perspective on the city. Inspired by the power of music and movement, Remote New York (site-specific tour) and driven by sense of adventure and surprise, Yana Kirakovskaya (experience creator) created and launched the Silent Disco Citywalk in April 2018 as a part of Papaya Stories. Since then it grew and expanded widely. Created bespoke 7 routes around Tamaki Makaurau, the team organised 50+ events across Auckland by sharing joy with over 2,000 of people, activated unused public spaces and engaging local creatives.


Silent Disco Citywalk sparks curiosity, gives the sense of freedom and joy. The special vibe at the event is provided by our dance guides. In addition, we design the pre-recorded entertainment audio programme full of interesting stories, jokes, positive affirmations and themed music that everyone in a group hears at the same time. Each route has its own theme and audio programme.

What if I don’t want or like to dance in public?

If you are not into dancing at all, don’t worry, because we have your back. Firstly, it’s a myth that you need to dance to enjoy the experience. Secondly, our fun, easy-going, professional and friendly team will look after you before, during and after the event. Finally, the activities we came up will keep you engaged. So relax and have fun along the way.

Can I bring my nana to the walk?

You can even bring a dog to the walk. The event is accessible to everyone from 5 to 85 years old. Toddlers are welcome too. The walk brings diverse people together who together play games, discover new public spaces, learn about the area and dance along to favourite music tunes. Above all, it makes everyone smile. In other words, Silent Disco Citywalk is a place for connection, self-expression, freedom and joy! 

Are your events wheel-chair friendly?

We have the walking routes that are wheel-chair accessible. And we are very happy about it.
Check this page to see what routes are suitable for wheel-chair guests.

What shall I bring to the event?

Please bring your open attitude and smile. Bring a bottle of water and remember to travel light. Please wear comfy clothes and shoes as we want you to be comfortable while you are moving, walking and grooving along the city. Our team will supply you with the special equipment and headphones.

What sort of music do you play?
Each route has its own music programme, so you get ready to be surprised. The music playlist is carefully crafted by Yana - the experience creator, performer our main DJ. She is a passionate lover of various music genres and ty. Expect to hear a cool mix full of old favourites (like Queen, Donna Summer), groovy tunes, kiwi classics, new releases and inspiring electronic beats that fit the events theme.

Is there a party without any booze?
Let us show you how it can be done. Let us be your Red Bull and lift you up on pure energy of positivity, joy and love. Please note that our general public events are alcohol, smoke and drug-free.

Let's break free and enjoy the sober way of living and expressing themselves.

However, when we organise a private part - it's slightly a different story.

Our packages include can include bubbles or non-alcoholic drinks on arrival

Why is it good for the mental health?

Silent Disco Citywalk is equally good for Mind. Body. Soul.  Why?

First and foremost, because we travel from A to B via an interesting route. We move along with a fun purpose, our bodies are grateful, our mind is inspired. We get to know our cities more, discover new cool places and have a new perspective. That's always exciting and inspiring!

Secondly, humans tend to spend too much time in their head. Instead of letting go of beliefs that don't serve us, we get stuck in the paralysing fear of rejection, failure, social judgement and ongoing comparison. We think a lot about what other people think of us. And instead of doing something random, fun, weird and maybe even a bit crazy, we just don't even try to do it. The secret of living your authentic live is to figure out what makes your heart sing, what makes you feel inspired. The Silent Disco Citywalk invites you to explore that part of yourself and break free through the social stigma.

Thirdly, we create a SAFE space for self-expression and acceptance. You are not forced to do anything  by yourself, you are a part of the like-minded people. You are not alone,  we are your cheerleaders.

Can I book Silent Disco Citywalk for my event?

Yes, sure. We'd love that

Whatever is your jam or events requirements, we are happy to offer our exciting standard and personalised packages. Be it a private, social or corporate event - we've got your back.

Please click there to find out more. 

Can I bring the Silent Disco Citywalk into my city?

Yes, sure. We'd love that too.

 We'd like to bring the unique and creative experience to diverse communities across New Zealand. We on the mission to connect  with like-minded organisations, local government agencies, funders, creative and community leaders that would like to co-own this community engagement and tourism initiative in their city.

If you represent the local government agency, trust, company or simply know the local heroes who are passionate to make a positive social change, make sure to get in touch with us. Email us to plan a meeting. Let's talk! 

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